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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
No follow-up studies on Vitamin C and the retina? If the supplement industry put up the money to fund such studies, you can be certain they'd be done. Perhaps they haven't??
I think it is clear that they haven't. The industry involves many small companies and they are not funding much in the way of research for a compound that anyone can make.

This is the big advantage of patentable pharmaceuticals. Because of the monopoly grant, the company with the monopoly is willing to put money into studies. The downside is that the prices will be much higher for the compound.

For many natural compounds there's evidence of varying quality but no high quality double blind matched pairs, etc, studies.

I still believe that the current state of the evidence suggests in favor of vitamin-C supplementation, but I'd like higher quality evidence, but I'm not going to fund it myself.
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