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Originally Posted by roman40 View Post
They are 5.0+, but I think strong male 4.5 would win. I am a 4.0, and I don't doubt I can take a few games from them.
If by 5.0+ you mean 6.0-6.5, yes, indeed they are :5.0+. No 4.5 male would beat either of them. Not one--strong or weak. No 4.0 would get invited for a hit with either, and if he stepped out on the court with Tan or McPhillips, he'd be lucky to pull a single game a set.

If there's a 4.0 on the boards who routinely competes with top-25 nationally-ranked women like McPhillips and Ahn wins more than a game a set doing so, I'd love it hear it.
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