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Default keeping the same grip

I was taught to start out with a continental grip while waiting for the ball, and change grips accordingly.

Somewhere along the way I stopped and ended up using the same grips for both shots just turning the wrist from left to right. Actually this happened on its own from the early days as the continental grip could be and often was used for forehand and backhand without changing. Volleys are a great example.

Now I have 3 "looks" where I'll start out with say a semi-western forehand grip and hit backhands and forehands. Western and continental are the others. Its a trade off depending on the opponent. Forehand is more consistent with the western but lacks some pace, and the backhand with the western FH grip (extreme eastern) is probably the best one I hit. I'll rotate to keep up the variety.

Dont get me wrong, I DO change grips from the original one I start with based on the situation....say if I am stretched and need to slice I'll switch to continental from SW, or if there is a short ball and I want to hit a slice forehand approach, etc. However whole points go by without a grip change.

Is this an advantage?

Or is the conventional ready position with the continental and grip changes advantageous? and if so what are the advantages?
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