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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post

I read one of TW's reviews of how a certain racket was GREAT for serving, me needing help in that department. So, I bought one, strung it around 50 lbs., Ice17, and went out to conquer the world ...of tennis.
It's serve rating was "85".
Compared to my previous racket, a serve rating of "75", it serves ..........
about the same. I serve hard, or I serve weak, not the racket.
So, grabbed an old Mfil200, adding 2 full oz and softening the frame down to 57. Serves about the same.
So, grabbed a HeadMicroGelOS, full BIG granny stick..... serve maybe 3 mph slower.
Not much of a difference.
Wow...interesting string at 54 for cheap strings, correct?
To bring tennis to the masses ~ this is indeed my quest!
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