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Originally Posted by Coach Chad View Post
I understand your point...and I agree...but would you really want to play a match with a walmart Wilson racket that you can buy for twenty bucks...or your Head? There does come a day and a level of play where equipment does make a difference....maybe not as much as I would like to think; but it does.
That's true. Most important equipments are a racket you just feel comfortable with really... and a shoe you like. Strings, dampners, overgrips... really aren't that important unless you are that advanced.

Just demo some rackets that you can feel good with that you can also grow with (like the new Head instinct or APD for power and spin).. but really, it's going to be up to you to find something that fits your game.

As far as lead, you can experiment with it like I did, and find an amount to add that's just "right."
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