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Originally Posted by SStrikerR View Post
Ive recorded myself playing before, and have noticed that when I hit (extreme eastern), my wrist is still laid back through most of the stroke, like a lot of wta players do. How can I change this to hit more like an ATP player? Is it a low to high thing? Extension? I'm thinking that forcing my wrist forward would probably not work, and end up causing an injury. So, any ideas?

Stop this video at 2:59 if you're still confused as to what I'm asking about.
Actually addressing your original post . . .

I use an almost SW grip, or a very strong extreme E. grip. The great thing about this grip is that you get a lot of natural "through" the ball action. The challenge with this grip is that you really have to focus on getting the upward path of the swing path to generate the topspin. The keys for me have been:

- Right before the swing the racquet needs to be pointing to the side fence with the face more or less parallel to the ground, below the expected contact point

- Weight on the back/outside leg whenever possible (not always possible - especially on short balls).

- Use your legs and core to drive your shoulders around. This naturally brings your racquet out front, lays it back (you can think of it as the racquet handle driven to the ball OR the butt of the handle pointed at the ball - whatever works for you), and supinates the forearm.

- Pull up and across with the arm. The wrist will naturally flex and the forearm pronate, releasing the energy stored from the shoulder rotation and making the racquet go through and up across the back of the ball.

The racquet should feel like it's whipping into and up across the back of the ball, even with a gentle swing. The more powerfully you drive with your core and legs, the more the racquet will whip. You cannot let your arm and hand sweep through the contact zone - particularly with this grip. You'll hit the ball hard, but you won't get anywhere near the same topspin and the ball will tend fly long.

Hope that helps.
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