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Originally Posted by Coach Chad View Post
I am a 3.5 baseline grinding lefty who uses a Prince EXO Tour 100 16/18. I was hitting well, using "smart target" strategy, and hanging with 4.0 players. I wanted to hit w/more pace, especially on my forehand, so I went from 56 lbs. of string tension down to 53lbs. I cannot keep my shots in with this tension; they are always 1-3 feet out. I am thinking of perhaps going to a Head racket with the same head size and length, but much stiffer; for more power. What are your thoughts? Return to 56 lbs. or try a stiffer racket? Thanks.
Usually, I play with my APDGT. The minimum tension they advise is 55 and I use 53 pounds. Furthermore, I string with the cheapest strings I can find which means I play with nylon strings 99% of the time. From what I can think about, it's probably one of the worst set-up you can find to hit softer shots that requires a bit of touch, just as it should be bothersome to hit accurate ground strokes with it. However, it's not the case.

I used to play with a tension around 58-59 pounds and I do prefer softer, more flexible sticks -- I bought a Wilson BLX Blade 98 recently and it does feel better. But I got used to hitting with something different and it works very well... I got so used to it that my BLX is strung at 52 pounds with cheap strings.

I wouldn't think about raising my tension, unless I played against someone who serves really big or a guy with flat, fast and deep strokes.

So, if you want an advice, try to get used to your lower tension. If you send your balls out all the time, close your racket face a bit more... after all, you get more energy than usual with your lower tension, so you can afford to spend more of it producing spin than you normally did. If you do it right, you'll hit just as fast as before, except your balls will kick higher.
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