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Originally Posted by corners View Post
I agree with the approach suggested by others - look to your strings for pace. If two racquets share the same static weight, swingweight and balance, any difference in power between them will be very small. Sure, you can get some more power by choosing a lighter racquet, or one with lower swingweight, but that kind of power comes from how fast those frames allow you to swing, not the racquet itself.

Or you could go the other direction - a heavier racquet, or one with higher swingweight. This will slow your swing down a tad, so you'll have less spin. Less spin will mean your shots tend to go long, which most players interpret as "more power."

But changing strings or lowering string tension can actually give you significantly more pace on your shots. You're not going to get 10 more mph, as some will claim, but you'll notice the extra pace if you switch from a stiff poly to something like Monogut ZX or a soft multi. A couple extra mphs on court can seem like a lot.

Regarding your racquet, consider the best player in the world who uses it. David Ferrer is the smallest and least powerful of any player in the top 10. If this was such a "low power" racquet, why would he be using it? If he could really get a significant power boost by switching to something stiffer, like a Pure Drive or Exo Black, why wouldn't he? Knocking so painfully on the door for some many years, wouldn't he have the sense to switch to a "more powerful" racquet to unlock a grandslam for himself? He doesn't, I think, because he knows what the physicists know - that racquets barely differ in "power." The racquet manufacturers know this too, but won't let on, unless you happen to be a pro. In which case, if you were Ferrer, for instance, you might hear: "David, play with whatever Prince frame feels best to you. We sell racquets based on "power," but that's just marketing BS. Unfortunately, there's nothing in our line that's going to give you significantly faster shots once it's been customized to your preferred specs. If you like the Exo Tour 100, use that. "
Very good point about Ferrer.
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