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To OP: My volley ready position is a continental grip and one hand on the throat, but my baseline ready position is two hands in a Semiwestern grip on the same side of the racquet.

Anyone else have a ready position with a semi-western forehand grip, with their left hand in a SW 2hbh grip, on the same bevel?

Haven't come across anyone else who does it, but it doesn't cause me any problems, indeed I hit the ball on the rise much better than most people I know. I find it means that my wrist is laid back, and the racquet face is closed, before the take back even begins. This allows me to extend the racquet straight out into the contact point, whipping the racquet head through, allowing me to just focus on contact height and body position in order to get deep topspin returns off of fast serves and groundstrokes.

If people are struggling to picture what I do, I hold the racquet with the wrists of both arms lined up on the same bevel, holding a forehand SW grip and the top SW grip from a 2hbh. I hit both returns with same face of the racquet and the ready position has the racquet face pointing towards the floor/net.
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