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Interesting topic. I've read just enough on it to be dangerous.

You have the paleo people who think gluten is the second coming of Satan, and then folks like Dr John McDougall who has written a book called "The Starch Solution" where he advocates eating lots of bread, rice, pasta, etc....

Frankly, I don't think one eating style fits all. You gotta find what works for you. Several years back I spent about 18 months on a strict vegetarian diet, mostly raw vegan. I did NOT do well on that diet and needed to add back in some healthy fats and animal proteins. My immune system took a hit with that diet. Others thrive on it.

All that said, I've yet to hear of anyone who went gluten free and who felt their health got worse. Most feel improvement, some feel no change. I've tested for celiac sensitivity and have none. Theoretically I'm fine with gluten but I tend to feel better the less grains I consume.
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