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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Time to revive this.

Side spin is killing me. I tried the 2 main things mentioned in this thread: move more sideways and hit more through the ball with racket angle in countering direction.

But the problems are many. The ball movement in the air and after the bounce disorients me. I can see the spin axis angled to the court and it makes me dizzy. When I make contact, the racket feels like it is getting wrenched sideways and I lose all power and control. And on top of this, the ball kicks in a weird way compared to just top spin.

This is getting to be very problematic even as all other aspects of my game are coming under control.
just guessing without seeing video & with the assumption of out front contact, but

this is likely due to early acceleration in your swing. If you swing with the
intention of swinging to the ball slower and more deliberately, then intend to
accel the hand up and across at the anticipated contact ( or very slightly before),
then you should be more exact with your contact, and also still get strongly
into the ball (which helps you to soak up and counter much of the spin effects).
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