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Nothing that you mentioned will "enhance performace". Just your choice of gushing blurb-like language to describe the effects of these things is pretty ridiculous sounding. There's plenty of data to back ME up, but here, on this board, I'm not going to do your research for you. Like I said, you're a lazy person. However, if you take a read through this site:, you'll find some interesting items that are sure to deflate your magic pill hopes. The so-called "medical professionals" who endorse your products are paid spokesmen. Much of these supplements or whatever you want to call them, are produced by a couple factories in Utah, which sell people dreams, as one of their spokesman said in a recent article in the New Yorker.

And I'm familiar with ginsing and sam-e. You haven't provided anything but defensive comments to "support" your claims. But it's your money and it's a free country-you can stay a sucker-that's not my problem. The fact that you're so defensive about it indicates to me that you're not all that on board with this junk, and you were looking for a little "group support" for your decision to put this dirt into your body. You didn't receive that support, obviously, because, there aren't so many suckers on this board (Actually, there are, but you'll have to visit the Racquets Board to find them). If you only KNEW how much the supplement/vitamin industry is taking consumers for, you might be sick.
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