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Originally Posted by AJT View Post
7.0 mixed tournament last summer in the semi finals. I was playing deuce side, my partner ad. I'm lefty, she's righty. We both closed to the middle for a short lob, and both were coming in from out wide and watching the ball (and subsequently, not each other). I accidentally stepped on her foot and simultaneously body checked her to the ground while I was beginning my swing. She got knocked on her *** pretty hard. Not only was she on the ground, my overhead pegged the male opponent in the chest near the baseline (our collision had messed up my shot a bit and it was heading deep) and knocked him on his *** too.

At the end of the point there were only me and our female opponent standing. Of course this had to occur in front of a large group of onlooking friends and fellow players.

I apologized profusely to my partner and she was extremely nice about it, not having seen me come in either. She waited about three months to show me the picture of the massive bruise she had on her thigh from the fall. I still feel terrible. But, she's still my partner and we're kicking *** this year.
That reminds me of one I nearly forgot about.

The last time I played tennis before moving to the UK, my brother and I were playing doubles with a couple of friends. We both went for a low lob down the middle, and I tried to duck away at the last second when I realized that he had it lined up.

I go all the way down on one knee trying to get out of the way, my brother catches me on the forehead with the bottom part of his follow-through (luckily, not too hard), and then he trips over my back leg and lets go of his racket as he falls. So, we're both on the ground, and so is my brother's frame, but our opponents manage to get the ball back with a defensive lob. My brother scrambles to his feet, picks up the racket, and chases the ball down. A couple of shots later, I put away a volley, and our opponents are scratching their heads trying to figure out what just happened.

I had a lump above my eyebrow for a couple of days from the hit.
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