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I used to suffer from low energy, cramps, and poor recovery. It's wasn't bad, but I felt I should be able to perform better. After I went on gluten free diet, I felt improvement in all those areas. It even cured fasciculation in my calf musles (basically small musle twitches, looks like something is crawling under you skin). My doctor thinks that these issues were due to bad absorption of nutrients and vitamins, which is consistent with symptoms of gluten sensitivity (read about it on Wikipedia). I probably don't have Celiac disease, since I could eat food with gluten without serious side effects, but I think my sensitivity got worse with age, which is also common.

Gluten sensitivity is quite prevalent, 1-2% of the population has it, that's been confirmed through extensive scientific studies, so gluten free diet is not a fad for everyone, for many people it really helps. It's a tough diet to follow initially, mostly because so many products include wheat/rye/barley in some form. Going to restaurants is a pain as well, since you have to be quite noisy and ask to make sure the food you order doesn't include wheat flour. However, after a while, it becomes almost second nature.

I now make my own bread, and sometimes substitute corn/rice chips and tortillas (remember to read the ingredient list if you buy in store). Otherwise, my diet hasn't changed that much. Mostly, I just eat less junk food, including bagels, burgers, pizza, cakes, etc., especially when I eat out.
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