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I can get there (SanPablo courts), by around 10:15 or so on Monday.
Tuesday can get there by noon if you will confirm thru this site. Gotta work my regular 9-11 job that day.
But I got a bad rotator cuff right now, haven't played lefty in a week and a half, but it's healing and I can certainly hit 3.5 level with my right hand. Also need to try out a couple of 4D300's I bought over the weekend.
The pickup doubles group there is pretty much 3.5-4.0, so you'll dominate if you care to join in, starting around 10, going past 1. They rotate players thru with each set.
Some better players, better than 4.0 anyways, usually show in the afternoons, but that's singles hitting mostly.
Josh might show to hit. He's an Open player, but hurt something in his back, so relegated to just hitting. Tall guy with two forehands, can hit with either hand, and serve about the same both ways.
Hope to see you there on Monday, if the traffic from SanPablo isn't too bad. It was horrid on Friday, so I stayed home and worked.
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