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I'll only add that there is/was ONE "performance enhancer", if that's your preferred term, that actually WORKED. That was ephedrine-but many/most states have banned it due to a few highly publicized deaths (probably due to overuse/abuse). My preferred brand was TwinLab Ripped Fuel. It worked, but I only took it before I played on mornings following evening matches (i.e. every Saturday from September to May). If you still WANT to get similar effects (basically being able to play all day long without fatigue), you can buy Ma Huang, the natural ingredient used in ephidrine, at a Chinese drug/herb store (in NYC or California-if you live in Muncie, IN, you're probably out of luck). Be careful if you do-take too much of this stuff and you risk cardiac arrest. The pills were small, controlled doses, sold in its natural state, Ma Huang can be dangerous.
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