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Skinny Dip, I had a similar view on the supplement industry as you do now. I read all the University supported highlights on the next greatest thing coming down the pipe. The only thing I have ever taken that is worth the money is the ephedrine based supplements, everything else was pretty useless. When I was in high school a friend of mine worked at nutrition world, he stole and used more products than you could imagine. He came to the conclusion that most all of it does nothing, he said it wasn't even worth stealing anymore. Most of the people who market this crap are just frustrated muscleheads who need to make up for their unfortunate career path, and hustling chemistry scam artists like Bob Barefoot. Bill Phillips was/is another one who had big hype. He was a "former" steroid user who got into the magazine business, and used the the performance enhancers as supplimental income. And then we have Joe Weider, the man who has taken every simple exercise movement and made a claim to the origin of them. Have you ever priced chromium piccolinate from his or any hustler's brand and have noticed that it is much more expensive than the store brand? You are probably thinking that they must sell the real stuff, not the generic impure crap. Well, all of chromium piccolinate comes from a company called Nutrition 21. Look on the label, it will likey still have the label if Nutrition 21 is still the source. The other brands jack up the price for no reason, and the stuff doesn't work anyway. You don't think a similar thing is done with other vitamins and minerals. What do you think? That people like me and Phil were just unfortunately around when the industry was full of scam artists, but now they are regulated and have integrity, please. The FDA does nothing to stop most of their scams, because they are only dangerous to your wallet, and they don't have time to police everything. Do your homework, pick up a college biology book, and this lesson in your life will be a cheaper one.
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