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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
Stage III OA in a single knee?

What is the current level of pain and restriction of activity level (she is active in sports?) and the desired result?

Will it take about a year for cartilage to regenerate and see if the treatment was successful?
She was scoped 3 weeks ago and what we thought was just a meniscus tear turned out to be a lot of articular damage on the lateral tibia and femur of the right knee, so we decided for her to get stem cell/PRP to give her the best shot for recovery and perhaps some enhanced healing and hopefully some regeneration. Stem cells work for up to a year and healing begins right away but it is a long process. Some patients with very bad OA have almost immediate relief since they have a very high level of pain to begin with, it varies a lot patient to patient and there are several different variations of the treatment.
Probably will also get her an unloading brace for tennis in the future and the best chance for healing over the next several weeks and months ahead.
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