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I dig kevlar and have used it for years. Nothing feels as solid.

Recently I tried some modern strings with Alu Rough for the mains and NXG or some technifibre string. I couldnt keep a thing in the court. It was really springy but not on every shot.

Kevlar is just solid and gives you control. I agree with it biting the ball and swear that the ashaway kevlar bites more than the problend one.

Dont get me wrong. Some people like to fell the strings pocket the ball and well kevlar isnt for them unless it is at super low tensions. And it can be hard on your arm and I believe the "it messed my arm up" stories as well as the "been playing with kevlar for 15 years with no issues" stories too. If you have bad form or play alot or are returning after years away, Kevlar can be a harsh mistress, but a damn fine one too.
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