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People like you, Skinny Dip, are a marketing manager's DREAM. Gullible to the max, sucked in brainwashed by hype, and actually EAGER to part with your cash based on FAITH alone. Stay a sucker. I was just trying to save you a lot of money and time (as was Kobble in his comments). Ephedrine didn't work for me ONLY, but the fact is, nothing else HAS. If you gave me the crap you're taking for free, I'd chuck it.

I have yet to see any "scholarship" from you other than parroting what is printed on the back of the packages of the supplements you buy-and we all know how reliable and truthful that is.

As far as Asian athletes using ginsing for centuries, well, Haitian witch doctors have been casting spells for centuries too-that isn't a valid comparison-I really wouldn't decide how I spend my money based on another culture's backwards superstitions. Your last two comments, although an attempt at sarcasm, betray an ignorance and close mindedness that, well, I already knew. Bye bye, sucker. And don't say Phil didn't tell you so, when you finally realize how much money you've stuffed down the drain.
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