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I had a severer tennis elbow last year. I used the Wilson K90 with Technifibre black code 16G at 52 lbs. When I felt a pain from my elbow at the first time (around the end of May 2012), I thought I played too much since I played 2~3 hours everyday at that time. Also the pain went away once I started to play. At the middle of the July 2012 my elbow was swollen twice and I couldn't even turn a door knob. I had to stop playing until Spring in this year.

Many people (friends and coaches) advised me that my swing (fore/back) form caused the elbow problem. However I did know that there weren't. Sometime people really focused on the mechanics regardless of their own body type. The mechanic should be a guid line not absolute answer.

Anyway, I knew that I had no pain or any problem during rally. The pain was emphasized during a game (especially single). The difference between the game and rally in my case was a serve. I mostly played a single game and it made me to give a lot of the service motion. The problem was my serve motion. Specifically the grip caused my elbow problem.

I had an eastern forehand grip instead of continental grip when I hit a balll during the serve. The grip caused to twist my elbow every single serve. The harder serve I tried, the farther my elbow was twisted.

In these day I play a tennis 2~3 times a week without no pain. There were many possibilities to cause the elbow problem. Before you pay attention to many advices, you should think about what you are doing, how you are doing, and why you are doing. You might find a solution.
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