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He was already playing 1 at Mississippi State so it'd be really interesting to hear why he'd want to leave an SEC school where he's getting pushed at #1 just about every match against another top 25 player. Can't think it'd be a scholarship $$$ issue at State since they have a small roster to begin with and he'd have to be getting more funds at State than he'd get just about anywhere else. Must be a combo of coaching and location or maybe there's no one else on the team that can give him enough of a test in practice to where he feels like he's going to improve.
Rather than tennis competition, team chemistry issues, etc., I think sometimes players transfer for simple everyday reasons, reasons why normal students would transfer. I could believe it if a player really didn't love living in small-town Mississippi. I'm not saying that's the case here, just that it's a legit reason why lots of people leave where they are. Or maybe the person wants a step up in terms of academic quality, which applies (at least on paper) for a transfer from MSU to UCLA. Or, even if there is no qualititative difference in academic quality, sometimes students transfer because one school offers a program that they may want and the first school does not.
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