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Originally Posted by OneLove View Post
Hola! I am going to Spain for two weeks to play in a small academy that is on clay courts.

Obviously, I need a pair of clay court shoes, and I'm wondering, what is the difference between clay shoes and hard court shoes? Is it just the outsole?

I've looked at the very limited choices of clay court shoes and I don't know if I will like them.

Also, are hard court shoes fine to play with on clay?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated...thanks!
Yes, hard court shoes are fine to play with on clay. However, I highly recommend you buy a pair of clay court shoes before you go to the academy because you really can tell a difference. If you wear hard court shoes you will probably slip more times than you would like. TW has clay court soles avaliable in very popular shoes like nike CB 4.3, vapor 9 tour, asics resolution 5, asics solution speed, and yonex sht 308.
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