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According to the official USTA NTRP experienced players rating guideline...

Pete Sampras would be rated a 5.5. "World class player ages 41-50". As would Andre Agassi.

I know everyone is for equality between men and women, but let's be realistic. Two major misconceptions are that once you get old your athletic ability goes to mush, and women can play sports as well as men.

I grew up in southern california. Boys in my HS who couldn't make junior varsity could often double bagel the varsity girls who were CIF champions at the time. I've played against a female pro when I traveled to Asia...I remember the match was close, can't remember the score, but there was just nothing she could hurt you with other than consistency. Women outside the top ten routinely serve 70-90 mph on a good day...Those are the second serves I used to see in league play.
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