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Originally Posted by drgchen View Post
No way this is close to being true. Court coverage and power can often overwhelm an opponent. At levels above 4.0, the difference is probably 1.5. Sure a 4.0 woman can play a 3.5 man...but a 5.0 man could play or beat a 6.5 woman. As an analogy, a black belt who is 100 lbs isn't the same as a black belt who is 200 lbs.

NTRP is not objective.
The majority of people who play 5.0 in my areas have extensive tournament experience and or previous rankings. Because it is not for money, they want to win and therefore rank themselves lower than the real ability.

My high school buddy was a former top 10 in the USA, played on the satellite tour and didn't make it. He became a teaching pro. Ten years later he was giving lessons to college players and still beating them. That is ten years of hitting the ball 8 hours a day additional to his previous training. He's a 5.0 when he plays.

The head pro at my local club is a mid 20s man who played four years for a good Division one school and did not play ATP, so continued his career playing USTA and being a club pro to pay the bills. He is a local 5.0. In many states where I live, it is the same way, advanced players and or teaching pros are rating themselves 4.0. Last tennis mixer I played one guy was a satellite tour player, they rated him 5.0, his friend was a 20 something teaching pro, Div 2 college player, they ranked him 4.5.

There is a HUGE difference between the men's and woman's game. It's not about having nice ground strokes and looking good on the court. Most guys who play 5.0 can kick serve over your shoulder and serve 120s. Most WTA women cannot do either.

Tenniswarehouse playtesters rate themselves far higher than what I have seen in league play. They are probably more accurate in their ratings. If Errani played a 5.0 tenniswarehouse playtester she would destroy him. I've seen people play up to Granville's level (5.5) who rate themselves 4.0.

In league play I would rate myself a 4.0. Based on comparison to tenniswarehouse players I would have been 5.0, close to 5.5 in my youth.
This is the best reply in this award winning thread......

I just smh at the level of awe everyone has of some women players......they are...........WOMEN!!! So yes, the difference in power, skill level and other intangibles is going to be glaring.
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