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Default Babolat Aeropro Drive Original NEW!!

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and wanted to share pics of a brand new Babolat APD original I just took delivery of. I know some people recommend against buying from the big auction site, but I'm a long time user and always deal with reputable sellers with high volumes of sales and good feedback.

In this case, I was lucky enough to find this gem from a sports store liquidation sale in Belgium. Picked it up for $150 including shipping - brand new with promo tag and wrapped handle.

I have two other Aeropro Drives non-cortex so knew what to look for in terms of authenticity.

Hope APD fans will enjoy these pics.

APD0 by Grendizer UFO, on Flickr

APD12 by Grendizer UFO, on Flickr

APDback by Grendizer UFO, on Flickr

APDtwo by Grendizer UFO, on Flickr

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