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Originally Posted by GuyClinch View Post
I vote pushers. They are set in their ways and like to win points more then use good technique. So they will be resistant to change - even if they SAY they want too.

If you are a pusher and want to become a guy with 'good strokes' you are going to have to quit match play for a while and use ball machines and practice sessions until the good strokes become the new goto pattern.

A basher OTOH is not so sensitive to winning and will readily adapt his or her technique - as long as they can still swing hard. And with good technique you can rip the ball and keep it in..
My feeling is that learning how to hit shots with pace, while keeping the ball in play, requires a more advanced level of technique and footwork. At the lower level, ball bashers try to rip the ball even when they are out of position or on the defensive which is why they have so many unforced errors. Both the pusher and ball basher lack the understanding of knowing when to attack.

As someone that tends to push, I find that my ego gets in the way when I play matches. I've been trying to set aside the need-to-win mindset and approach matches as an opportunity to implement and practice techniques. This has helped somewhat.

You might be onto something, though. I think that pushers are more results oriented whereas the ball basher is more feel oriented. The pusher has to learn to set aside their fear of losing, whereas the ball basher needs to learn to control their aggression. I suspect it is easier to develop the latter, although I'm sure that coaches have better insight into this.
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