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Originally Posted by latershow View Post
Anybody have a theory as to the differences between the "Elliptic Comp" and "Elliptic Comp Pro" that belongs to Slitch? I always assumed the "Pro" designation meant the headsize was 90 inch, as Retrowagen showed us on the first page of the thread. It seems that Slitch's Comp Pro is indeed the same headsize as the regular Comps. Now I'm confused...
No, perhaps you misunderstood - the Elliptic series frames are all 98 square inches (630 cm2); the Vacuum Pro (Classic) came as a 90 or 98 ("Mid size" or Midplus).

Fischer model names are tricky to catalogue; the firm seemed rather capricious when assigning them (and re-using them over subsequent years and series, even across molds). Among the early Elliptic frames, "Pro" seems to have meant the Graphite/Fiberglass/Silicon Carbide (ceramic fiber) layup, stiffest of the series. Some of the Pros had a molded-in Vestoran (ski base polysynthetic material) bumper, some had the plastic replacable bumper.

My "everyday" Elliptics that I play with the most are some Elliptic Comp models, same exact vintage and graphics as Slitch's new frame above, but with the Graphite/Fiberglass/Kevlar composition. And slightly more flexible.
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