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ranting but in college football when number 2 loses to number 1 team why does the number 2 team lose ranking, this confirms the algorithm, its only when you lose as number 2 to number 3 should you be downgraded to some mystic level.
This is an issue with pollsters than a properly written rating system. Some, but not all rating systems for football, mine included, look at the expected result and move a team according to how they do in relation to that, not necessarily just at win/loss. With such a system it is possible to lose a game and have one's rating increase, and corresponding one can also win a game and have the rating decrease.

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its more amazing that the computer says you should beat them 6-3, 6-3. while it sounds dynamic i doubt it really it is it is probably just a fancy highly complex algorithm that is still static in nature, hey statisticians need jobs too.

its all a guess and roll with the system, or get a stats degree and offer your services for free to the UTSA
The NTRP rating system is indeed dynamic. Not sure what you are saying regarding it being complex but static in nature. The high level algorithm used is described in a variety of USTA documents so it isn't a real secret. They don't disclose many of the details of course so it isn't reasonably possible to exactly replicate their calculations, but I've come up with pretty good estimates. See the link in my other post for more info.
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