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Originally Posted by GuyClinch View Post
But the old school defintion of a pusher is a guy who hits with stilted incomplete strokes and just blocks the ball back and/or uses gravity to win points. (sometimes they have a little topsin - other times underspin). ...

Most of these players are bit older and enjoy beating the 'real' tennis players and aren't really even trying to improve.

Bashers generally have a big forehand and try to rip everything. The guys might lose alot - but with some tweaking they could be good, IMHO. They are taking too much risk with every shot - and aren't really interested in rally balls. But the fact they can actually hit nice tennis shots moves them ahead of the pusher.

Its more important to build good technique first. If you put the emphasis on trying to win the 'pusher' result is sure to happen.
If I were going to characterize the mindset of the stereotypical pusher and the stereotypical basher it would be as follows:

Pusher: Okay Pusher! Don't lose this point! Don't lose the game!
Basher: I'm going to bash the hell outta this ball and win this point right NOW!

I have a friend who goes for broke on every shot. Once in a blue moon, everything falls into place and he manages to hit screaming winners. But 98% of the time, he double faults games away and/or loses on unforced errors. The idea of constructing a point is completely foreign to him; he wants to end it with his first strike. Thinking on it, he tends to be lazy with his footwork and even if he's out of position, he'll still try to swing for the fences. A couple of his peers (who have moved beyond him) have tried to help him with his game, but he's not very reflective and any suggestions he's given are quickly forgotten rather than taken to heart.

Of course, this is purely anecdotal and it's possible that some pieces could fall into place and my friend could turn things around. I do agree with you that you there are a lot of old pushers who play junky tennis and never seem to improve. I can't say that I've ever seen an old ball basher, although there are probably some out there somewhere...
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