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Originally Posted by TheCanadian View Post
I like its simplicity, power, and effectiveness. Any list can be arbitrary to an extent. Was Sampras's serve better? Maybe or maybe not. It was my list, your list is probably different from mine.
I'm not offended don't worry.

Roddick has a great serve that needs to be broken down into sections and teach whats appropriate. As a whole and viewed on video at regular speed, it might not always be the best example. The same goes for Nadal's forehand. Everyone talks about Roger's forehand and as you can see Water's uses it as his gold standard. I dunno. For me Nadal's forehand is in a lot of cases a better forehand to study. Slow it down on video and there are some amazing things happening there that needs to be looked at more, especially when he's not buggy whipping all the time. Watching his on court practice videos, amazing stuff. Everyone has analyzed Roger's forehand to the smallest detail, but I think they missed out on Rafa. It's gotten its fair share for sure, but not as much.

An abbreviated serve motion is a good idea to teach to juniors, especially if they are struggling with their serve. It helps with balance and the toss. Its a tool, idea that can be used if appropriate but not black and white. However, I wouldn't go as short as what Roddick does and making sure the elbow is up and out. Almagro is a good example of a simple, shorter take back on the serve going straight up, no none sense style. His elbow is in the perfect throwing position.
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