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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
One of my players told me about the end to a recent match.

Our gals lost. Opponents had played one player relentlessly, as she is a singles player who doesn't volley, doesn't transition, doesn't really get doubles.

During the handshake at the net, one opponent said to the singles player: "Keep working on it. You'll be really good someday."

The other opponent chimed in: "Yeah, we really targeted you."

What the heck?

Why be rude like that? It is often apparent who is the stronger player and who is struggling. If you picked on one player for the win, why embarrass her needlessly by laying responsibility on her, right out in public? Better to keep your assessments of your vanquished opponent's skills to yourself.

There seems to be an epidemic of this in ladies doubles. I have seen people do everything from diss a player's rating ("Oh, we thought your partner was the 4.0") to provide unsolicited stroke analysis ("You should toss the ball more to the right on your serve").

Me, I'm going to keep my post-match remarks limited to, "That was fun" or "Great match."
It's a loss with a lesson. Not sure why emotions have to be put first, I saw their comments as mere insight from the more experienced players.

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