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Originally Posted by LetsGoRoddick View Post
So within the last month or so my family organized a trip to london from the 14th on and obviously that means we'll be there during Wimbledon. Since it was kind of late planning I don't have too high expectations to get to see some great matches (or maybe anything at all).

I know there is the queuing, and I'd prefer not to do that. However, at this stage beggars can't afford to choose so I could deal with that if I had to (My dad and I will just grab a few beers). What are the ways I can acquire a ticket(s) to see some early round action?
Queuing is basically your option. If I were you I would hardly hesitate to queue for round one grounds passes. You'd be mad to pass it up.

You could also check out Eastbourne, or free Wimbledon qualies at Roehampton.
Only just started to get into tennis--starting with the 2011 Australian Open. Learning how to play now, too. Let's see if this sticks!
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