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Default Getting back into tennis......trying to get to the next level.

Having turned 40 a few months ago and not done any regular active sports for more than 15 years ( golf did not count ), i tried to get back into some sport for health reason. I tried swimming initially but i got bored doing laps soon after. After watching Australian Open on TV a few months ago, it helped to rekindle an old interest in tennis, something i did casually but enjoyed as an university student. So tennis it is over the last 3 months for fitness and enjoyment.

But I'm taking it more seriously this time round, making an effort to actually learn new skills and try to improve on my weakness. Hence i found this place.

I used to play with a one handed backhand but i could only slice, not very good at that and the top spin backhand was always pathetic and inconsitent so i decided to learn 2 handed backhand this time round. 2hbh still feels very unnatural to me and i'm having problem with footwork getting into position especially when i play games. Under pressure, i still revert back to slice instinctively and my regular playing partner dined on my backhand side during games as he knows he will get more free points.
To help improve my games, i'd decided to invest in a ball machine recently to help me drill my 2hbh and strokes.

Also joined up a local club and signed up for their doubles competition, something i have not done in the past. Doubles match play feels kind of foreign but i hope to learn as i go along and get some more games experience under some pressure.

But my immediate goal is to just win a set against my regular playing partner. He is my brother in law who is around my age and used to play for the his high school teams so he has more sound fundamentals and a lot of match experience behind him. I keep losing the clutch points and came up empty despite getting close a few times ( rare). Grrrrrr.....

I took a short video hitting with my ball machine tonight. Any tips to help my game?

Also trying to learn a top spin second serve here, another glaring fault in my games.

I will try to record some games against my BIL and if i do take a set off him in the future, i will be happy.....
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