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No book can ever hope to match the combined wisdom of this board! I have learned so much from all of you that it's fun to be able to give a little back every once a while.

I left out a speculation in the post above, because I don't have any hard evidence to back it up, but I think I'll toss it out there anyway:

I have a hunch that it was not by pure coincidence that Head bought Maark Corp in 1977, the year after Prince received the oversized head patent and launched the original 'Classic', OEMed by Maark. It's conceivable that AMF Head executives were alarmed by Prince's IP jackpot, and figured that if they had to pay Prince for every oversized racquet they sold, they would be in a much better negotiating position if they owned all those Maark. patents.This strategy might have worked out for them if the graphite revolution wasn't about to catch on!
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