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Default Federer's slice and kick serves

Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
Look how far forward his head moves, is it 3-4 feet. ?

When I apply a rule such as 'place the toss over your head for the kick serve' I have not been considering that I would move my body & head forward that much. I believe that my toss has been much more up and down.

I have missed the extent of the forward motion in looking at HSV videos but your before and after pictures makes it really stand out. Thanks a lot, Toly!

Another interesting characteristic to study on the serve!
You are welcome.

Once again, different serves want different tosses. IMO there is no pro in the world who can hit different type of serves with identical tosses. In case of flat and slice serves at contact point ball should be on the right side of the player's body, and around of above a server’s head in case of topspin or kick serves.

The pictures were copied from public video - A New Teaching System
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