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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi bt johnson -

1. Thanks for your reply. If somebody can demonstrate that the Black versions of the Wilson Sublime Grip are consistent to each other, and the white versions are consistent to each other, then I am happy to accept your explanation and list them as separate and distinct versions of the same model, even though it appears that neither Wilson nor any online retailer I can find, makes that same distinction.

2. However, Torres has demonstrated pretty clearly the weight variation on the Wilson True Grip is fairly unpredictable, (plus or minus 4 grams) and they are all the same color. That observational fact remains unchallenged.


Great work Jack. I have 4 black Sublimes and 4 white. All of the black ones are heavier than the white. Black one comes stock on Blade 93 and white stock on Blade 98 (2013)

I have 3 additions

Prince Calfskin 22g trimmed on L3
Fairway (seconds) 18g in trimmed on L3
ATS Leather(GAMMA) 27g trimmed L3
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