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bt johnson - thanks for the contributions, much appreciated! Lists have been updated with the following:

18.0g ... (GripL3) … (00.00") ... Fairway Leather (Factory Seconds)(bt johnson,2013)
22.0g ... (GripL3) … (00.00") ... Prince Calfskin ... (bt johnson,2013)
27.0g ... (GripL3) … (00.00") ... ATS Leather (Gamma) ... (bt johnson,2013)

I've noted white and black versions of the Wilson Sublime for the two entries on that one.

By the way, the 3 Prince Calfskin grips I had on a few of my Pro Ones last summer were really strikingly beautiful. A very deep brown almost chocolate color. One of the better looking grips imo, especially on a mostly all black frame.

Thanks again.
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