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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
I finally spent some quality time practicing the serve. Playing around with my serve stance- which has been platform since I started playing tennis- I discovered the pinpoint solved 80% of my issues! I found that with a pinpoint stance, bringing up the rear leg forces me to transfer weight forward, whereas with the platform, I could sometimes keep the weight back, especially under pressure. The forward momentum also made the toss go a bit more forward naturally.

Comments guys?



You can see the difference quite clearly on the slow motion videos:


Side by side:

I was surprised the change wasn't too difficult. Tried it in a practice set, was hitting it pretty well. I just forgot to bring the back leg up once
I liked them all at YouTube. Left some comments also. I like the pinpoint. Great that you have the different camera perspectives and slowmo as well. I think I would have some problems returning your serve. Also, it's going to get even better via some tweaking, and the fact that you're so concientious about your practice. Nice job Greg!
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