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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
OK gang I need some advice......

I am playing with the same female partner again this week and last week we got beaten badly due to these issues:
1) partner has weak serve and got broken every time
2) partner got caught in no mans land repeatidly while trying to approach, leading to many shots at her feet or passing her easily with a wide angle.

I am not saying I was perfect, as I am far from it, but these were glaring problems we faced. I don't know how to correct these deficiencies and I also don't know how to tell her what do do delicately. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. As far as playing the net during her serve, I tried playing more towards the middle and after ONE ball got past me down the line, she told me to "stay home", which IMO was a much worse option, since our opponents were teeing off on her serve.
1) If she really has that weak of a serve, stay back and play 2 back. I do this sometimes on second serves, but I would do it on first serves if they are just as weak. Have her serve from a far wide position and you cover 2/3 of the court on the return.

2) Uh talk to her about it? Tell her she should not approach the net unless she made a good approach shot or has a clear opening.
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