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Originally Posted by goober View Post
1) If she really has that weak of a serve, stay back and play 2 back. I do this sometimes on second serves, but I would do it on first serves if they are just as weak. Have her serve from a far wide position and you cover 2/3 of the court on the return.

2) Uh talk to her about it? Tell her she should not approach the net unless she made a good approach shot or has a clear opening.
if I play back when she serves, doesn't that give the returner more room to swing away at her serves since there's no pressure to keep it angled away from me? Also, if she serves from a wide position, odds are greater they will crosscourt it back at her. Isn't it better she try and serve up the T so the ball will stay more in the middle of the court?

I tried talking to her about staying back more and she didn't "get it". She finally said "I need to either get to the net or stay back....not in between", but didn't seem to do it.
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