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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Anyone else with this issue?

I just love playing tennis and all things tennis, but playing Mixed just drives me crazy. The difference between the men and women is usually very pronounced and so EVERY MATCH eventually turns into this:
1) whenever you need the point...hit at the girl
2) to end a rally quick...hit at the girl
3) guy hits at girl.....repeat, repeat, repeat.

Also, MOST women are just playing mixed tennis for social reasons and are very casual about winning or losing. With myself being very competitive, its not a good combo. It seems like EVERY team has 1 or 2 strong female players and then the rest of them are interchangable and near the bottom of the ratings level you are in. There just aren't enough really good female players to go around in these leagues and that causes lots of disparity between the male female's playing levels.

I keep trying to like mixed every season, but every year I keep asking myself "why"? I keep thinking this time it will be different...more fun..more competitive, but its not.
Perhaps it's not the W partner, perhaps you're too weak to carry the team.

In MOST cases, the W is the weaker partner. I have played 10.0 and 9.0 mixed where the W is clearly the more consistent player who easily held her own.

To me, playing mixed is more complex than men dbls. You have to figure out what works (with your particular partner) and what doesn't and set aside some typical "doubles convention" like S/V.

You need to figure out what your W partner strength is (net or baseliner)... and go from there. At 7.0 and 8.0, YOU need to take over and cover what she's not comfortable with. You need to call her off on overheads if you have a play at it. You need to chase down more balls than her. You need to poach more. You need to keep more balls in play and need to put away more short balls.

You need to figure out how to hold HER serve.


Notice I didn't even bring up the role of the W in the partnership?
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