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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
if I play back when she serves, doesn't that give the returner more room to swing away at her serves since there's no pressure to keep it angled away from me? Also, if she serves from a wide position, odds are greater they will crosscourt it back at her. Isn't it better she try and serve up the T so the ball will stay more in the middle of the court?

If it is a weak serve, you are a sitting duck at the net. I assume that the returner is already swinging away. Since she is continuously being broken your presence at the net is not doing much.

If she stands out wide she doesn't have to serve wide. She can serve up the T or into the body. Besides you never said how bad her groundstrokes were. I assumed they were ok. If your partner has a weak serve and bad groundstrokes you are NOT going to win very many matches unless you can dominate on your own.
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