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Originally Posted by ScentOfDefeat View Post
Fernandez d. Sabatini 1-6, 7-5, 10-8, 1993 Roland-Garros 1/4 Final

Sabatini was leading 6-1 5-1 and squandered 5 match points.
Oh, yeah, that's definitely a candidate, had forgotten about it. The thing is, there is choking in a situation, and choking in the situation and the point itself: Somewhere I have a VCR tape(lol) of the Rubin-Novtna match, and on the match points, I don't think Notvtna blew any easy shots, if memory serves, Rubin either hit outright winners or induced "forced" errors. I have no idea of the nature of the points that Vilas lost against Orantes, only the situation. People who say that Fed choked against Nole are, IMO, clueless. If you a good, deep serve and the opponents hits a screaming winner off of it, hey, tip your hat, that's just too good. But for choking a shot, Rod-D.ick had a set point at Wimbledon against Fed in the tiebreaker(which would've put him up 2 sets to none), and, first of all, hit a ball that was probably sailing out, he foolishly played it, and hit it out by a ton. That's, like, two, two, TWO chokes in one! Sadly, Nole choked badly on BP's between the leg shot in their match last Sunday, too, not to mention hitting the net on a gimme.
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