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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Julian, why is Tennis Warehouse having such a shortage of this string?
It's only June. The PEEK harvest is not until the autumn. Know your seasons mikeler!

Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
his comment was "I'll just prestretch the hell out of it" rather than wait 15 seconds per pull. This guy strings for multiple folks to make money. He does not want to add an extra 10 minutes to his stringing time.
I don't like the sounds of that stringer at all. I can understand from a commercial perspective he doesn't want to spend more time on a particular job than he has to particularly if he's busy but what exactly does he mean by 'I'll prestretch the hell out of it'?

If he's got an higher end electronic machine I suppose he could use the prestretch function but my understanding is that its not really a prestretch - more of an overshoot in tension, and I've never understood how it compensates for the greater friction against the mains when overshooting tension on the crosses and then supposedly reverting back to the reference tension.

If I were you, I'd give it a hand pre-stretch (though it doesn't really stretch the string that much) or you're really inclined, use travalrjam's pulley method. Even though it sounds a bit bizarre, it actually does make sense and you have more control over exactly how much you're prestretching the string (I'm just too lazy to find pulleys and weights). The other alternative would probably be to hang a 6m length down a stairwell with a weight on the end of it.

Julian will hate me for raising this but the other thing I'd personally be interested in hearing about is what people's experiences have been in reusing ZX. In my one and only experiment, it seemed to play pretty well as a cross and remained soft, albeit without any crisp/crunchiness.

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