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Originally Posted by tennis7777777 View Post
No doubt Virginia is the cream of the ACC. Having said that what an arrogant statement. They had a battle with Duke during the season and another close match with Wake Forest in the ACC final. I know they have a great recruiting class but you can't replace Jenkins. I think Duke, Wake, and UNC will all give them tough matches this year.
Nothing arrogant about saying I want the ACC to give us better competition. Our strength of schedule caused us to drop to #3 in the ITA computer rankings even when we were undefeated. That has been a subject of conversation on the UVa boards quite a bit. GT, UNC, FSU and Miami used to be in contention for the final 16 of the NCAAs, but dropped quite a bit off that ranking level this past year, and it hurt the overall strength of the ACC. Obviously, Duke continues to be a very tough opponent, but intelligent people can understand the difference between saying we want more competition in the ACC vs. we never get any competition in the ACC. Two very different statements.
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