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Default getting to a milestone improvement on 1hbh

I still decided to give my 1hbh some good try before switching to 2hbh. So I watched a lot of Wawrinka's backhand slow motion following BevelDevil's suggestion and did a lot of shadow swing. Wawrinka open up a lot, that seem's the only motion I can imitate.

In the last 4.0 match, I played the highest ranked player. I gave it a real fight and hit out and hard a lot of times. At one moment, the guy hit a fast hard ball to my left side, instead of slicing it back as usual, I rushed there and hit a hard cross court topspin 1hbh. Magically it all connected, the shot was flat and screamed to the cross court. It totally surprised me and the opponent, it's not a winner, but I got a soft reply from the other side. That super encouraged me, so I hit more 1hbh topspin during the match and hit 3 dtl winners in the 1 hour timed match. Final score is 6 - 6.

I am so excited, I think I find the solution. I will stick to the 1hbh even with lazy eye!

I had a hitting lesson with a women college player yesterday just to practice the 1hbh. The girl is real good, she plays the #1 single and double for Eastern Michigan. I found I am grooving with the stroke more and more at the last half of my session.

Here is the key I found for the 1hbh:
1) super relax, especially upper body
2) hold the racket really loose, use only the index, middle finger and the thumb
3) weight smoothly transfer to the front foot with the shoulder facing the net back slightly facing the net(I still cannot face my back to the net too much due to the eye), butt cap to the ball, bath arms have some distance away from stomach. Put the racket at the slot using both hands, but mostly using my left hand, this way I can feel the time the ball better.
4) at the end of weight transfer, abruptly open up the hip and the shoulder, let both arms fly, right arm front out across my body to the right, left arm to the left behind. At the time of hitting, I am almost facing the net, still a little bit facing the side fence
5)With loose arm and hand, I feel my arm automatically supernate at the contact and the racket face come around quickly and closed a little bit right after hitting the ball to gave some top spin to the ball.
6)No hesitation, all weight transfer, uncoiling and flying of both arms happened in extremely short of time. Just hit it!

With all the success I experienced. I still have a lot of timing problem to handle the super fast ball or slow ball. But I think I am feeling the stroke the first time in my life! When hit it right, it's such a violent shot, much faster and violent then my forehand, even though I have been using my forehand to 95% of time when playing a match throughout my life. I felt it's so disguised a shot too, when I hit a dtl winner, my opponent stoned the, just like ACED!
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