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I felt I am not muscling the ball, I used the big muscles, I also used the bones as lever

The main muscling involved are:
1) right front leg push up, this started the kinetic chain. But I am currently not standing straight up.
2) hip from close to open, this will in turn open the shoulder
3) upper back muscle when straightening the flying the left arm and right arm, the upper back and the flying behind left arm act as the lever to lever the right hitting arm and the racket
4) When hitting out, I also feel the slightly straightening up tension on the edge of the right side of the body. It's on edge of right hip, to edge of right lower back and edge of upper back. I don't fell I muscled with my arm and shoulder

I also started to feel I am using my body(bones) to lever in my serve, overhead, backhand slice, backhand volley. When levering correctly, it's a explosive and effortlless shot. Body part has to be moved in certain sequence and angles, body relaxed, no muscling. Interesting sensation.

Did you guys feel the levering feeling? I haven't found too much on my forehand, need some searching on that too. Now, a lot of times, I still feel I am muscling.

Someone said on this forum before: hit the ball with "human racket". Well said.
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