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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
OK, now we have something we can work with!

She has good groundstrokes but a weak approach volley and serve.

What is needed is an approach that discourages her (poor) S&V without dissing her (poor) S&V.

Can you suggest that you two try signaled poaches? The reason I suggest this is that many servers are reluctant to S&V in signaled poach situations. They shouldn't be, but it is often more than the brain can process. So you signal go, she crosses behind you and comes to net whenever she wants. If you have solid poaches and can handle the guy's pace at net, it might work. At a minimum, you will force the returner to do something other than smoke a Xcourt return at her feet.

Also, you might try starting two back on her serve, telling her that you will mirror her position. If she comes in, you say, you will keep up with her so that you form a wall. The point of this idea is that they might stop directing their returns right at her and may instead try to go up the middle or try drop shots.

That said . . . sometimes in mixed you just have to accept that you are going to lose.
Last week, I suggested signaled poaches while she is serving and she said "no cause it gives me too much to think about while serving" I resorted to playing Australian, which worked better than regular setup.

She insists on coming to the net behind a ordinary shot and gets hurt that way. I keep hoping she'll realize this herself and stay back, but she doesn't.
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