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I also saw it and thought it was really interesting. He also emphasised that it's really important to him that people can buy the same racket he uses. He said that apart from matching his 12 rackets and balancing depending on the surface his racket is the same as the ones that go over the counter.

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There was an interview ten minutes ago with Roger Federer in german television broadcasting the Gerry Weber Open live. Eurosport Germany has got a daily category called "Roger's Rasentennis". Today they talked about his rackets.

On the one hand it was quite interesting because he described his different racket specifications playing on different grounds. Playing on lawn means for him using a lighter head to be faster with his racket. In contrast to that he uses a more head heavy racket on clay in order to generate more powerful strokes. That means he switches the balance of his rackets regarding to the grounds?

He says that he is not as sensitive as other players with customizations of his rackets but he prefers much his identical grips.

The funny thing was that he was asked about his elasto crosses which I asked here just two days ago. Federer says that he has got the opinion to generate a better topspin with it. He always has got 10 to 12 rackets on court and changes them so often so that there is no real use for him to save the strings.

Then he was talking about all the different possibilities of setting up a racket with different string combinations. Regarding to his power pads Roger said that he used them in the past in order to save his gut strings. In my opinion his explanations seemed that his power pads and the elasto crosses are survivors of the past which he likes to use also today.

His reason why he (and many others) switched to hybrid stringing was that you can swing strokes much faster. The stringing is more forgiving so that you can push to the limit easier.

Perhaps nothing really new but it was quite cool seeing Roger talking about those details really easy going without any crowd around him and the journalist.
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